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Welcome to our 24/7 Online-Shop. Have fun while going through our pages. The map series "Maps for PowerPoint" and "Business-Series" are now completely available per download including all countries of the world. The "Profi-Series" too will be available for download soon. Do visit us again shortly - we constantly enlarge our assortment of professional maps...!

data2map has grown into one of the prime producers for "presentation mapping" products for the discerning professional user. Our unrivaled combination of

- large selection of maps, targeted at the demanding professional illustrator and graphics artist
- proven, user friendly functions and ease of use
- very competitive prices
- generous copyrights (at no extra charge) and
- immediate and 24/7 availability per download
have contributed to make this possible.

THANK YOU to all our customers!

Our main focus:
Our customers use software like PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, Quark Express, InDesign,, CorelDraw, Freehand, Xara Xtreme, Inkscape etc. to adapt the maps to their individual requirements. Their software skills range from novice to highly professional. And every user expects a very specific solution. And that is what we focus on.

We acquire premium map data from renowned Publishers and optimize these data for various software applications and user groups. As we produce all maps ourselves, via our modern GIS-equipment (Geographic Information System) we can produce different map content and optimize these data for all popular software products and in a variety of file formats. Our customers can trust the geographic side to us - and concentrate on the design and illustration aspects...

You are a graphics artist looking for a punchy map to be customized in Illustrator? Or do you need an editable map for your PowerPoint presentation? Right here in our Online-Shop you will find the largest collection of premium, editable digital maps worldwide. All maps allow you to take maximum advantage of any feature of your software.

Using suitable software you can adapt all our maps to your individual requirements. Best results can be achieved using vector graphics software like e.g. Adobe Illustrator CS2 or later.

Unique offer: All maps displayed here are only available from data2map! Premium, fully editable digital maps - optimized for all popular software and file formats.

With every map you get years of experience. Experienced professionals specialized in presentation mapping and geography produce, with commitment and dedication, exceptional products. data2map has originally only worked for selected corporate customers. We are proud to present our full range of maps now to a wider audience through this online shop.

Take a close look at our products. We invite you to test the popular map features under your hard- and software conditions by downloading our free trial maps. You will soon realize that there is no need to look any further...

Our Customers are our best reference
Digital maps from data2map are highly regarded by the small studio as well as our corporate customers. You find a selection of some of our customers, for which we have recently being supplying maps, HERE.

Have fun while surfing on our pages
and good luck with your digital maps from data2map!

Manfred Guntz

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